,,Fill-up,, with Electricity without Cable and Plug

The automobile industry faces great challenges: cars must be environmentally friendly, comfortable and economical and, driving should continue to be fun. If one wants to drive an electric car today, one must use a charging cable and find an outlet and after being charged, the battery is quickly empty again. VAHLE meets this challenge with a revolutionary solution: inductive current transfer technology CPS®.
The VAHLE developed inductive system functions as follows:  
Charging stations for electric vehicles, e.g. cars, busses, trucks etc., may be installed in parking lots or parking garages. When a car is parked in front of a charging station, its batteries will be charged without needing a cable and plug connection. Current transfer is accomplished using the induction principle similar to a transformer. The stationary charging station has a primary coil installed at level with the license plate. The secondary coil, the pick up, is installed behind the car´s license plate. Current flowing in the primary coil generates a magnetic field which induces current in the pick up coil. This current is used to charge the battery. Additional components can provide continuous data transfer between charging station and vehicle, important for billing purposes.

Inductive electrical current transfer systems have an obvious advantage over currently used cable and plug versions:  battery charging is so much more convenient. Charging occurs without requiring the driver to handle a cable and cable plug, cable handling accidents are eliminated together with the need to transport the charging cable.
Wear and tear as well as willful damage to connection components will be a thing of the past. The system is absolutely reliable in every day use. Electromagnetic interference does not occur when the charging station is not in use, charging operation is switched on only when a vehicle is positioned facing the charging station.
Thus battery charging in one,s own garage, in public parking garages or parking lots happens conveniently without active involvement of the driver.