27.01.2016 | New logistics concept for faster deliveries

„VAHLE 48 DC“ (Distribution Center)

VAHLE can now deliver the safety conductor system KBH within 48 hours of receiving the order. "Vahle 48 DC"  is the new logistics concept; its implementation began at the beginning of the year.

Just like in a department store top selling individual products will in the future be constantly available in stock. Upon receipt of order they can be put together quickly and dispatched. To start with the new concept will be used for the enclosed conductor system KBH. Orders of 4-pole systems with up to 120 meters system length are already deliverable within 48 hours. Gradually  "Vahle 48 DC" will then be extended to other products.

With the new concept VAHLE optimizes not only the delivery times but also the internal processes. Requirements for the new logistical orientation were extensive changes on the company premises, which have been extended several times through land purchases in recent years.