6.03.2017 | e-RTG Mexico

VAHLE electrified the intermodal terminal area in Mexico

At the Lázaro Cárdenas Terminal Mexico, VAHLE has just completed the electrification of the intermodal area. Since 1912 VAHLE has continued to develop innovative new products and solutions for any application worldwide wherever quality and reliability are top priorities therefore, the intermodal project is an excellent example for the companies’ philosophy.

The Mexican container terminal Lázaro Cárdenas Terminal Portuaria de Contenedores is located in North America at the pacific side of Mexico.
VAHLE has awarded the first contract to electrify 10 container blocks of the terminal in 2011.
At this time VAHLE has also supplied 8 automatic systems to ZPMC for new eRTGs.
Up to now, LCT has electrified 26 container blocks with 5.512 m conductor rails and 16 new eRTG from ZPMC. Furthermore, VAHLE has converted 3 conventional RTGs to eRTGs last year as turn-key project and more will follow.

All this projects and experiences result in the idea to electrify the intermodal area (over 500 m) and to operate this also by eRTGs with the VAHLE automatic system. The benefit is to keep the mobile yard cranes flexible. Depending on the daily-business up to 4 eRTGs are suitable to enter the intermodal area to handle container.