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19.12.2016 | eRTG

The New Priok Container Terminal One counts on VAHLE

VAHLE, a global leader in mobile power and data solutions for more than 100 years has successfully finished the first phase of the port electrification mega project at Tanjung Priok / Jakarta in Indonesia.

The terminal began its construction in 2012 and with the purpose to strengthen Indonesia’s position as a maritime nation. New Priok Container Terminal One (NPCT1) is a joint venture company owned by the four shareholders Indonesia Port Corporation (IPC), Mitsui Co. Ltd., PSA International and Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisa (NYK Line) and is the international project name for the Kalibaru Terminal.

The electrification of the container terminal started in September 2015 and currently there are 26 container blocks installed with VAHLE conductor rail to supply the new eRTG’s with power. This process allows NPCT1 to significantly reduce CO2 emissions, noise pollution and fuel costs (up to 90%). Due to the massive fuel savings terminal operators can competitively meet emission requirements and their goals for treating our environment with care. This investment not only makes the Kalibaru Project to be the biggest, most modernized terminal in Jakarta, but also the leading "Green Port".

In total there is over 6.270 m of VAHLE infrastructure installed. VAHLE has completed the electrification of this Greenfield project in cooperation with MHE Demag as a partner company from Indonesia in September 2016. The first of five expansion phases at Indonesia’s Tanjung Priok port was officially opened on September 13, 2016.

VAHLE has supplied their eRTG solution to Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., (MES) so that the new RTG Cranes could be equipped with the automated telescopic arms already in Japan. VAHLE’s eRTG solution developed for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) such as MES allow them to integrate the VAHLE solution in their system effortlessly. All eRTG’s will be pre-commissioned at the OEM site which makes the eRTGs fit for operation at the final destination in short notice. VAHLE has finished the commissioning of 15 eRTG in December 2016.

All eRTG's are installed with automated telescopic arms to enter and leave the electrification infrastructure automatically, synchronizer for seamless switching of the power supply between diesel-generator and grid to reduce fuel costs, auto-steering for fully-automated steering of the RTG and off-track protection to simplify the day-to-day business.

Information Technology is the largest port infrastructure development project in Indonesia and the project has been prepared to make the port a competitive and world-class.

For this high requirement VAHLE have further developed the redesigned Slotted Microwave Guide (SMG) for data transmission, which is expected to optimize the operation of the RTGs by combining two different advantages of radio systems, namely the availability of high data rates and the minimization of interference from other systems.

The system works with it is multi node infrastructure in a frequency range of 5-5.8 Ghz, so Vahle will be able to upgrade bandwidth step by step the bandwidth as required by the customers. RF emissions are well within EMC regulations and 100 Mbit/sec are available as gross rate.

VAHLE’s product range consist of power supply, positioning system, data communication and is upgradeable step by step to open the door for the future for example by allowing remote operation of the eRTGs.

At the time of writing VAHLE had over 5,150 m of SMGX in operation, with additional orders for approximately 7,600 m for the next few months, as many container terminals prepare to become automated.